Icone Barrel


SEGUIN MOREAU has been the world’s leading cooperage and supplier of French oak wine barrels for more than a century.

The SEGUIN and MOREAU cooperages were created in 1870 and 1830, respectively. Remy Martin took a majority shareholding in SEGUIN in 1958, then becoming its sole shareholder and buying MOREAU.

The cooperage signed a partnership agreement with the Bordeaux Faculty of Oenology in 1983, beginning research and development on the wine-wood exchange. In 1994, the company established the Napa cooperage to support US wineries.

Its ongoing focus on cutting-edge research has led to key advancements over the past thirty years – from “bousinage,” the second toasting for aroma, to transitioning from forest focus to grain.

SEGUIN MOREAU’s ICÔNE Concept is another major step in the evolution of barrel technology—giving winemakers control, consistency and reliability.